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  002 06/05/06 Davis Folsom A day of bike paths Gene  
SJV path
Old Sacramento

Monday June 5, 2006 46 miles - Total so far: 118 miles "A day of bike paths"

Day two truly was a day of bike paths, but before we get into that everyone needs to be aware that I was attacked on the road. I was riding along the bike path beside David when suddenly he veered and I heard a big bang. I looked down at my brand new white t-shirt and initially thought I was bleeding all over, but eventually realized what actually happened. David veered (intentionally?) to run over a packet of ketchup and popped the pack splattering the ketchup all over me. except for that incident it was a great day as we cycled bike paths almost the entire way from Davis to Folsom...mostly on the American River Bike Trail. When we stopped at a picnic table beside the river we met a hiker named Steve who was in the process of walking across California. He was on his 22nd day, having begun at Point Reyes intent on hiking to Mt. Whitney. Sacramento and Davis are a cyclist's paradise with a wonderful system of well-maintained bike paths. We certainly enjoyed travelling through this area. PS... David claims that he was only trying to avoid some jagged broken glass.

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