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  016 06/19/06 Milford Cedar City Against the wind David  
Peanut Butter Summit
Penny's Diner
Rodney and Julie

Monday June 19, 2006 58 miles - Total so far: 786 miles

Today we were up before 4 am after learning that 30 mile-an-hour headwinds were in the forecast. Lucky for us Penny's (Boomers) Diner is open 24 hours. The night shift staff, Julie and Rodney (see photo) provided the early morning boost we needed to get going. Julie's upbeat California personality was very refreshing. I ordered awesome vegetable hash browns and another vanilla malt, and with Gene's more normal breakfast we thought we were fueled for the anticipated headwind.

We cycled the first 16 miles with our lights on over flat terrain and no wind into Minersville...things were looking good! After Minersville, we began our ascent of the only pass of the day and soon found ourselves pedaling into a strong headwind. This wind did not let up for the next 40 miles until we staggered into Cedar City. Wind is one of the four factors that one must consider when cycling into the western desert regions...along with availability of water, traversing mountains, and high temperatures. We had all four factors working against us today. We may have passed some beautiful scenery but we were too busy fighting the wind and keeping our bikes upright to even notice. This day brought to mind the repetitious final chorus of a Pete Seeger song..."and the cowboy's riding against the wind, against the wind, against the wind, against the wind...

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