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800 Miles
Near Panguitch
Twinkie Time

Wednesday June 21, 2006 67 miles - Total so far: 853 miles

We are still headed for the Virginia coast, but today we chose a route different from our cycling maps...on the advice of our motel manager and the bike shop owner. Instead of climbing over 4,000 feet in 18 miles on a busy road with little or no shoulder, we chose an alternate route which was longer but had a wide shoulder and an elevation gain of only 2,500 feet stretched over 8 miles. This route included 38 miles on Interstate 15...some of the easiest cycling we have had on the entire trip. While on Interstate 15 we reached another milestone...800 miles...or 20% of our journey completed (see photo). A reminder: we are taking photos at the exact location whenever we complete another 10% of the 4,000 mile trip, and we are using roadside litter for the signs.

I had decided that on one day of this trip I would power up with a Hostess Twinkie, and today was the day! It was my first Twinkie in over 40 years and I convinced David to try some too (reluctantly). I felt stronger for a couple of miles...until the sugar fix wore off. We both agreed that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a much better source of fuel.

This was also the day David observed that male drivers generally allow us more space when passing on the road than female drivers. After a few miles of pedaling the reason for this phenomenon occurred to me. It's really quite simple: not only is David a mosquito magnet, he is also a chick magnet.

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