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  019 06/22/06 Panguitch Tropic Spectacular scenery! David  
Bike Trail
Red Rock 1
Red Rock Canyon

Thursday June 22, 2006 30 miles - Total so far: 883 miles

A few miles outside Panguitch we entered Red Rock Canyon, and found ourselves in a fairyland of the most awesome red rock cliff and canyon formations imaginable! Adding to the experience was a well-maintained 6-mile bike path weaving through the canyon, which got us off the busy highway. Words are inadequate to describe what we saw in the canyon, so we've included a large selection of photos from that 6 mile stretch.

Just outside Bryce Canyon National Park we stopped for lunch where we had an interesting conversation with a woman at the restaurant. Her family had lived in the area for generations and her great grandfather "rode with Butch Cassidy" (a famous outlaw). The family kept a stable of fresh horses which he sometimes made use of as he "passed through in the night". She mentioned that Butch had two hideouts in the Red Rock Canyon area, one of which she travels to by horseback. She also said Butch has a niece still living in the area who claims that he did not die in Bolivia, but returned to his home town of Circleville (nearby), and is buried there.

Unfortunately we didn't have time to tour Bryce Canyon as we wanted to get to Tropic, set up camp for the night, and work on our journal updates.

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