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  029 07/02/06 Dolores Dolores Rest day David  
Blue Columbine
Meadow Brook
Meadow flowers

Sunday July 2, 2006 0 miles - Total so far: 1,261 miles

Today Joe offered to drive us up to Lizard Head Pass to see what's in store for us soon...a 10,222 foot summit...our highest altitude so far. He also took us to a favorite place near the pass called "the meadows", reached by a precipitous gravel road off the main highway. Joe has painted this meadow area, which today was sprinkled with wildflowers and fed by a small brook. On the way there I was able to get some nice photos of Blue Columbine, Colorado's state flower, which I used for reference to paint a watercolor when we returned to Joe's home.

We took Joe out to dinner, then had a quiet evening chatting and repacking before an early bedtime in preparation for tomorrow's return to cycling.

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