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  030 07/03/06 Dolores Rico An unfortunate turn David  
Dolores River
Rico campsite

Monday July 3, 2006 41 miles - Total so far: 1,302 miles

After a great day of rest we were both anxious to get back on our bikes and continue the journey. The road to Rico gently sloped uphill, backtracking along the course of the Dolores River through a fertile valley dotted with grazing cattle and horses. We stopped often for photos and to just gaze at the river sparkling over polished stones. No doubt there were many trout down there enjoying the eddys and pools. Trout is a popular entree in this area and I for one have made a habit of ordering "rainbows" whenever possible.

Once again our expectations of an easy day were dashed as Gene's knees began bothering him again. He had thought that a rest would alleviate the pain that had begun a few days earlier. Unfortunately, by the time he reached Rico Gene was beginning to think that to continue would risk further injury.

After thinking it over and talking through the implications, he decided to make plans to return to Reno and see the doctor who had treated him for the same problem several weeks before our trip began. Of course, we were both very disappointed and did our best to accept the circumstances, though we both hold out hope that he might be able to return after rehabilitation and resume the journey.

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