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  032 07/05/06 Ridgeway Montrose easy David  

No pictures today.


Wednesday July 5, 2006 31 miles - Total so far: 1,395 miles

Well, this was a pretty uneventful day as far as cycling goes. The ride to Montrose was along a busy highway with a decent shoulder the last half but no shoulder at all in the early going. I was concentrating more on the traffic than on scenery and didn't stop even once for photos. It was a quick downhill ride and I arrived in Montrose well before noon. Fortunately, I found a great coffee shop (The Coffee Trader) with free wireless internet. My plan was to have my bike checked out at a local shop and get caught up on email, journal entries, and phone calls.

My bike needed a brake adjustment (from mountain downhills) and the rear tire tread had worn away to the kevlar layer. I now have the security of knowing my brakes and tires are ready for the highest peak and steepest downhill I'll face... 11,300 foot Monarch Pass. Oh...just realized I am now over one-third of the way across the continent...and some of the most mountainous terrain is behind me!

A surprising discovery in Montrose was a great restaurant across from the bike shop, Cafe 110, where I waited for my bike to be repaired and enjoyed a seared Ahi appetizer...one of my favorite foods in Hawaii.

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