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1,600 miles!
Dennis and Bill
white horse

Monday July 10, 2006 98 miles - Total so far: 1,651 miles

I woke to blue skies for the first time in ages. It was great to see the Sangre De Christo Mountains lit by the rising sun. Standing in the foreground shadows was a white horse, which I took to be a good omen...and this time I have photo proof Gene! (see day 7 journal).

The day began with some hard climbing (steep grades) on tiny country road 1A out of Cotopaxi, but there was very little traffic, and practically everyone who passed waved...the first time that has happened in the entire trip. Perhaps the locals are accustomed to seeing cross-country cyclists on this 10 mile stretch. I met two cyclists today, Dennis and Bill, who were out on a "day jaunt" from Pueblo to Westcliffe for lunch. Bill has the distinction of being one of the cyclists who did the inaugural cross-country trip in 1976 which then became the route I am now traveling.

At the top of the second pass, east of Westcliffe, I reached the 1,600 mile mark, or 40% of the trip completed. As is our custom, I used roadside litter for the sign...this time a tire tread.

Most of the remainder of the day was a long downhill coast into Pueblo with a tailwind, which partially accounts for my 98 miles completed. However, over 3,000 feet in elevation gain prior to the run-out left me totally exhausted when I arrived at a motel after 5 p.m.. It is now Tuesday morning at the motel and with internet access for the first time in several days I am trying to get the latest journal entries sent off to Jeff before I get started on another day of cycling.

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