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  038 07/11/06 Pueblo Ordway Sailing with the wind David  

Tuesday July 11, 2006 52 miles - Total so far: 1,703 miles

Today I was finally able to lighten my load...by shipping all my cold weather gear and my heavy sleeping bag to my sister Melanie in Louisville...where it will be waiting if I need it in the Appalachians. The day started out just as I had hoped...gently sloping mostly downhill with a tailwind. I was making good time till the wind shifted to a headwind for the final half day. Along the way I med Rob, another englishman, who told me of a place in Ordway (20 miles away) where I could spend the night. I decided to cut short my intended goal and spend the night at Gillian's, a gracious New Zealander who opened her home to traveling cyclists and provided showers, bedding, and entertaining conversation (she had travelled extensively and spent several years on a boat along the coast of New Zealand and the south sea islands). Also spending the night were: honeymooner cyclists Troy and Mel; Michael from England; and Dan from Oregon. We cyclists went to the local grocery then had a great BBQ feast and a fun evening sharing stories.

This part of Kansas is reminiscent of the flat plains of Illinois where I grew up, only with fewer trees and houses. Some might say it is a boring landscape...and I would have to agree. There's just not alot to distract a cyclist from staring down the long straight roads.

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