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Mel, Troy, Dan & Michael

Wednesday July 12, 2006 122 miles - Total so far: 1,825 miles

A hearty pancake breakfast began the day, then packing for our separate journeys. Troy and Mel were headed to Oregon, Michael was off to San Fran, and Dan would head east a bit later than my departure. I felt totally refreshed...as if I had taken a full day of rest....thanks to Gillian's hospitality.

I had the choice of either doing 60 miles or 120 miles, because there was no place to stay between these points (other than a farmer's field). After reaching the halfway point by noon (with a favorable wind) I decided to go for the longest day yet. If I had known how hot the day would get, I might not have been so daring. By mid afternoon it was over 100 degrees and I still had 40 miles to go. I found a single shade tree along the way and rested for about an hour, dousing my head and shirt with water. Fortunately, Troy and Mel had told me of a high school in the middle of nowhere...about 20 miles from Tribune...where I could get (cold) water. I stopped there to refill both the drinking and the dousing bottles and made it to Tribune around 5 p.m., where I opted to spend the night in an air-conditioned motel.

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