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Justin, Maya & Rose
storm clouds

Thursday July 13, 2006 49 miles - Total so far: 1,874 miles

My plan was to get an early start today but I noticed a broken spoke (I vaguely recalled a "ping!" at the end of the day yesterday) and it took me about an hour to replace...my very first attempt...then I still had to "true" the wheel by sight (making sure it spun straight). These little repairs can soon eat away your best plans. The hotel owner, Bob, helped me get back in a good mood by offering freshly brewed espresso (in the European style). I relaxed and chatted with him awhile, learning that he had two recumbent bikes and had cycled quite alot in the USA and europe. He even let me try out one of his bikes...which was a real challenge, since one is not only sitting, but also steering from under the seat (a more relaxed arm position). Bob is also a bit of a car enthusiast...I photographed him and his dog beside an old Ford pickup he once owned.

So...I finally got started mid-morning and soon met three cyclists headed in the opposite direction. Maya and Rose were doing the Virginia to Oregon route trying to get donations to support Greenpeace...see their website: www.greencycling.com They had met Justin along the way. All three had stayed at the Athletic Club in Scott City the night before, which was my destination after such a late start. I arrived as huge thunderheads were building up over the city. At this time of the year thunderstorms are a common occurrence in the late afternoon and evening, and a cyclist needs to be aware of the possibility of getting caught out in the open. The Athletic Club makes room for a few cyclists to overnight in their fitness facility. The owner participated in the 1976 inaugural cross-country cycling event that led to the maps I am now using. I was able to shower and use the pool and later was joined by Dan, one of the cyclists who had spent the night at Gillian's a coupla days before.

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