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  052 07/25/06 Murphysboro Carbondale Flat city David  
Amanda, Abby and Patty

Tuesday July 25, 2006 33 miles - Total so far: 2,615 miles

Anyone familiar with the above two cities might notice the discrepancy between the mileage I cycled and the actual distance between the two cities.

No, I didn't take a wrong turn...I just had a bad tire day! It started out well...taking a "shortcut" along highway 13 instead of the back roads on my mapped route, but a flat tire in Carbondale set me back an hour. I was getting low on patch kits and had no more spare tubes, so I decided it would be wise to go to a bike store and restock. Unfortunately, the bike shops didn't open till 10 a.m., so I stopped at a laundromat for some much-needed cleaning. While there, I enjoyed chatting with the manager, an older guy named Chris, who offered me coffee and donuts. It turned out that he knew the owner of Phoenix Cycles, and when I was finished with my laundry he called the shop to see if it would be possible for me to get a tube (it was just 9 o'clock then). The owner, Doug, was in and said to come on over, so I felt fortunate to be able to get on my way sooner than anticipated. However, there was apparently something still embedded in the tire...and after two more flats several miles outside of Carbondale I returned to the shop, where they installed a kevlar belt between the tire and tube, as well as another new tube. Thank you Doug for your assistance!

While at the shop I met a young woman, Patty, who told me her house was listed on a website as a place where cyclists could stay for free. Since it was aready after noon and I was feeling frustrated, I accepted her offer to see if there would be room for me tonight. As it turned out, there wasn't space in her house, but she arranged for me to stay with her friends Amanda and Abby. I offered to prepare a risotto dinner for the four of us...my first opportunity to cook in weeks...and we all enjoyed sharing food, wine, and stories. These three young women were all remarkable in their political and social awareness, as well as each being talented in their chosen fields of interest. The evening left me feeling confident that they and their generation will make significant positive contributions to the future of this world.

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