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  055-060 08/02/06 Louisville Louisville The return of El Geno! David  
David, Michael, Melanie,
Sunflowers & Haystacks

Wednesday August 2, 2006 0 miles - Total so far: 2,747 miles

Good news...Gene's knees have had a month of rest and he's rejoining me here in Louisville to finish out the trip! His wife, Sue, will provide support, so he (we) won't be cycling fully loaded...yipppeee! This will be a huge advantage in the hills and mountains of Kentucky and Virginia. It's great to have my partner back...and for the next two days my brother Tommy will be joining us. He totally surprised me today...showing up at my sister's door with his bike and travel gear!

I've now had six days of rest here at Melanie's place in Louisville. She and her husband Michael have been great hosts, providing a lengthy opportunity for rest and recuperation (my legs no longer ache when climbing stairs). I was able to do some watercolors...a painting of sunflowers from my time in Kansas, and half a dozen thank-you notes for folks who had given me a place to stay along the way.

I'm now anxious to get started again with Gene and Tommy. As Willy Nelson croons... "on the road again...goin places that I've never been...seeing things I might never see again...I just can't wait to get on the road again"...

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