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  061 08/03/06 Bardstown Harrodsburg Old Kentucky Home Gene  
MC and Greg

49 miles - Total so far: 2,796 miles

Today's start was later than planned due to an early morning visit to a dentist where David was prescribed antibiotics to fight off a possible abscess/gum infection. Fortunately his sister Maura is a dental assistant and was able to get him in before the office opened to the public

Our ride began in the parking lot of Stephen Foster's "Old Kentucky Home" in Bardstown, Kentucky. I was excited to finally be testing my rested knees; David was ready to begin cycling again after 6 days of R&R; his brother Tom was eager to prove his training had paid off and he could keep up with the older men. Our trip has rekindled his cycling interest, and he has been cycling seriously for two months in preparation for this surprise entry into the BoomersOnBikes odyssey.

This was a day of ups and downs as we traversed the rolling Kentucky countryside. The rural landscape was dotted with grazing horses and cattle and small plots of burley tobacco. The weather was hot and humid so we paced ourselves and often rode abreast chatting on the lightly travelled roads. We quickly learned as we watched Tommy power up the hills that a pair of young legs was more than equal to the task of keeping up with a couple of baby boomers.

Our destination for the night was the residence of Greg and Mary Claire outside Harrodsburg, a lovely white southern mansion perched on a knoll. David had met this couple last May at a Kentucky Derby party, and they were surprised to learn that we share a common experience of living for years in Saudi Arabia and working for Saudi Aramco. We were treated to a great chicken BBQ with summer vegetables fresh from Mary Claire's garden. Thank you Greg and MC for your wonderful hospitality!

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