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  062 08/04/06 Harrodsburg Berea A misdirected day David  
Matt, Tom and Mark

Friday August 4, 2006 62 miles - Total so far: 2,858 miles

This morning Greg prepared a huge pancake and fruit breakfast and we set out early for Berea in hopes of beating some of the heat and humidity. The first six miles was on highway 127, famous this time of the year for what is billed as the country's largest yard sale, stretching for over 400 miles. Sure enough, at 7 a.m. people were already out looking for that one-of-a-kind artifact missed by everyone else. Along the way we met Matt and Mark, two cyclists from Birmingham, England, who were heading west. We received yet another valuable tip from these guys...that the route we were on had a "Road Closed" section a few miles ahead, but that they had simply walked their bikes around the barrier and across "about 100 meters" of dirt, where a new bridge had been built.

The hilly terrain and scenery was much the same as the day before and all three of us had no difficulty cycling the 62 miles to Berea. It would have been a perfect day if we had been able to read our maps correctly and avoid cycling in the wrong direction for part of the day. In spite of this detour we still managed to arrive in Berea to meet family at precisely the time forecast by Gene, who claimed he planned our misguided cycling route in order to validate his prognosticating skills.

Our first stop on arriving was to join family at a coffee shop where we cooled off with "Icey Kaffees", delicious ice cream and coffee concoctions. We said goodbye to Tom (who returned to his home in Indiana) and to members of our family, then went to a motel for the night.

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