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  - - - 05/27/06 n/a n/a Prepping for our shakedown Gene  
Prepping for the shakedown!
Prepping for the shakedown!
Prepping for the shakedown!

Greetings journal readers! Today is yet another milestone as we are putting fingers to keyboard in order to produce our very first journal entry. David arrived at my house on May 25th to begin preparing for the grand adventure. We reassembled David's bicycle, which fortunately arrived in excellent condition, then we cycled together for the first time on thursday. This morning we have gathered up all our gear in preparation for our shakedown cycling/camping trip on Monday. The big question is how much we will be discarding after this trip. Seeing all our gear laid out on the garage floor is a bit daunting, especially when we consider hauling it over the 11,312 foot summit of Monarch Pass in Colorado! We will post our next journal entry after our camping trip. Stay tuned!

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