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Welcome To BoomersOnBikes.com
Welcome to BoomersOnBikes.com

We, Gene Hansel and David Gregory, are two baby boomers who were born the year “The Best Years of Our Lives” received the Academy Award (You figure it out.) For both foolish and sensible reasons we have decided to bicycle across the United States. To learn more about why we expect 2006 to be one of the best years of our lives click on Our Bios.

This web site will guide you through the key elements of our journey across America. The journey will begin June 4, 2006 in San Francisco, and approximately 3,700 miles later, will finish in Yorktown, VA. You can see the details of this journey in the route section of this site.

We anticipate averaging at least 55 miles per day, ably supported through California and the Nevada desert by Gene’s wife, Sue. With no specific end date in mind, we expect to cross the U.S. in a little over 2 months (You do the math.). This will depend, of course, on the idiosyncrasies of man, machine and nature. Take a look at our Photo Gallery along the way.

We plan to camp most of the time, but will occasionally avail ourselves of motel rooms…….when Mother Nature rages, or our muscles ache for a mattress. Of course, we may also accept lodging from folks that we meet as we pedal along. The journal section of this site will provide a diary along with photos of each day of the trip.

We hope to use this cycling trip to raise money for a local Reno Charity and invite you to click on Charity for more information.

You can see how we prepared for the trip in the planning section.

If you want to know about our bicycles and other essentials, open the equipment section for details.

Please come chat with us while we're on the trip. Head over to the Forum and say "hello".

Thanks for visiting. - David & Gene

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